Barb and Dick's Wildflower Florist Wauwatosa

 For over 20 years

Barb and Dick’s Wildflower Florist has been serving Wauwatosa,Elm Grove and the

entire Metro Milwaukee area as a full service florist with same day delivery in our own vehicles.




 In the Neighborhood: Barb & Dick’s Wildflower

By BizTimes Staff  Nov 11, 2019 3:15 am

Barb & Dick’s Wildflower
12326 W. Watertown Plank Road
Neighborhood: Wauwatosa
Founded: 1994
Owners: Barb Agnew and Dick Hansen
Employees: Four
Service: Florists

How did the business get its start?  Barb Agnew: “Both Dick and I worked for other florists in the area; we worked in the industry in the same places over time. It’s a perfect complementary team. We’re both the designers and we both do pretty much everything that goes into (the business).”

What do you sell? “Our biggest seller, of course, is our cut flowers. It’s a natural look. It’s an organic feel. People have come to really appreciate the color combinations and the serene and relaxed, the natural feel. We do pretty much everything: funerals and weddings and birthdays and anniversaries and parties. If you want something that’s real personalized, we have gotten to know our clients so well over the years.”

Does the look of your building bring people in the door? “I think it does. I’ve got the wildflower garden in the front and of course I raise butterflies. And even though the building is old, I think shiny and new isn’t always the best. It’s got character. We have big old plants that live here. So it’s a little utility, and a lot more of a homey kind of a flavor.”

What do you attribute 25 years of business success to? “Quality and the personal relationships we have with the community … We’ve been here for 25 years and I have two pet frogs who have been here for 25 years also. Kids that came in years ago are now bringing their children in to see these guys. The wildlife is always an added treat. Between our frogs and walking sticks and butterflies and the cat, it’s an interesting place.”